Séminaire de l’Association Canadienne des Neurosciences (ACN)

Heure : 15h
Lieu : ZOOM


  • Delayed motor learning in a 16p11.2 deletion mouse model of autism is rescued by locus coeruleus activation
    Xuming Yin, University of Ottawa
  • Neurogliaform cell synaptic transmission and GABAergic signaling alteration in the hippocampal circuit of animal model of Rett syndrome
    Azam Asgarihafshejani, University of Toronto

The CNS-PDS committee is delighted to announce the seminar series line-up for the year ahead. The series will take place on the first Thursday of every month at 12pm PT/3pm ET and will showcase the work of talented postdocs in Canada and Canadian postdocs abroad.

We believe that this series will be nourishing to neuroscientists at all stages of their careers and we hope that you’ll join us!

Find zoom links to the talks on our Twitter @CNS_PDS